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Sizing your Actuator just got EASIER! – WEBINAR 

We’re excited to show you how VIRTUAL ENGINEER works!

Hosted by Angie DeNardo of Parker Pneumatics.

What is Virtual Engineer? 

It is an innovative, free online design tool for linear motion applications in automation.

It can save engineering time with three simple steps:
  • Enter application details using the intuitive interface
  • Size and select products that meet the demands of your application
  • Get a quote, share your project and download files easily

What we will cover:

Angie will walk through a step-by-step demonstration of sizing and selection of a Pneumatic Actuator using the free online program. 

She’ll demonstrate how easily a user can enter application specifications (speed, load, external forces, etc.) and quickly navigate to accurately sized product options.

She’ll also discuss some of the features such as: product life estimation, “Compare” function for multiple products (including price), CAD model availability, and a “My Projects” area, allowing engineers to create, save and share projects to revisit at a later time.

Meet: Angie DeNardo

Angie is the Pneumatic Territory Manager for Parker Hannifin, which is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies. She is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist who has spent 3 years serving various markets including packaging, pharmaceutical, food processing, government and machine builders. Her background is in manufacturing engineering. She is available to solve customer problems, and provide onsite application engineering support.



Check Back Soon For Our Next Event!

An exciting event featuring UR collaborative robots, OnRobot end-effectors and the suite of MiR autonomous mobile robots (now handling payloads up to 500kg!)

Among other things, the event will discuss how to design a truly integrated automation solution and how all three, integrated into one solution, can work seamlessly together.

Sign up now and we’ll notify you of the where, when and what as soon as we have the details.

In the meantime, learn more about:

  • Universal Robots – Collaborative Robots
  • OnRobot – End Effectors/Grippers
  • MiR – Autonomous Mobile Robots 

To set up an appointment to meet or talk with our Automation team, click here to send a message directly to our Automation team.

March 20th (11:00am – 1:00pm)

WHERE: RG GROUP – 15 Flour Mill Road West, York, PA 17406

**Lunch will be provided

Pneumatic Machine Safety Discussion – WEBINAR: 


DID YOU KNOW that if your machine isn’t brought to a Safe State, it isn’t a matter of IF an accident will happen. But WHEN it will happen.

From components to full solutions, at RG Group we work with the best in the industry and stay focused on safety.

Join us for our Pneumatic Machine Safety Discussion presented live, together with our partners at Parker Hannifin and Certified Machinery Safety Expert, Linda Caron to learn answers to the following important Safety questions:

  • Do you know what “Safe State” means? and what is involved in bringing your machines to a Safe State?
  • Do you know why it is important to remove trapped residual energy from your machines? What is involved? And how to do it safely?
  • Are you ANSI ISO 12100 compliant? And/or know what you need to do to comply?
  • What are YOUR questions? Bring them to the Webinar Discussion and we will do our best to answer them on the 27th.

    WHEN: March 27th at 1:30pm
    WHERE: Online – Wherever you are! 

    Perfect for: Engineers and OEMs

    Meet: Pete Wehler (RG Group) & Linda Caron (Parker Hannifin)

    Pete is the Automation Business Unit Manager at RG. As our Product Expert, h
    e has worked in the pneumatics/industrial automation industry for 21 years and is an IFPS (International Fluid Power Society) certified pneumatic specialist. Pete also heads up RG Group’s pneumatic division and has extensive knowledge in all areas of motion control. 

    Linda is a Global Product Manager for Parker Hannifin Corporation in Factory Automation, Pneumatic Division, Motion Systems Group in Richland Michigan. Linda is a CMSE®, Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV Nord) and has held various roles over 27 years in both Fluid Power (with Parker and Festo) and the within the Electrical industry, serving global markets from Oil and Gas to the Food and Beverage industry. Linda’s focus is on the IIoT space, network connectivity and machinery safety.

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    Clearing up Misconceptions of Autonomous Mobile Robots

    • “Robots are taking jobs.”
    • “They are expensive and time-consuming to deploy.”
    • “They are too complicated to program.”
    • “[Robots] are not safe for humans to work around.”

    We’ve all heard these before.
    They are common myths surrounding the robotics industry.

    Join RG Robotics and host Patrick Gross as he reveals the truth and debunks these popular misconceptions and more about autonomous mobile robots and examines how a mobile robotics platform can streamline warehouse and manufacturing operations.

    Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are truly part of the future of warehouse and manufacturing automation. Be among the first to learn how embracing Autonomous Mobile Robotics technology can grow your profits.

    WHEN: Coming Soon
    WHERE: Online – Wherever you are!

    Perfect for: Plant Managers, Vice Presidents, and CEOs/Owners

    Meet: Patrick Gross

    Patrick is VP of Robotics and Automation and third generation of the Gross family to work at RG Group (“Gross” IS the “G” in RG Group!) which has been in business for over 60 years.

    With an MBA, Management from Babson University, B.S. Business Administration from the University of Alabama and Executive Education at Cornell University, Patrick has worked with numerous companies throughout the region leading them in successful robotic deployments using the most advanced automation technology on the market.


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